DTX BASKETBALL uses the sport of basketball to teach LIFE LESSONS! We focus on the skills that matter, this is not a recreational exercise program. WE COACH the kids the fundamentals of the sport. WE DO NOT PLAY ZONE! We TEACH! WE COACH! We put DEVELOPMENT over Winning! We provide technological advances for the student athlete to enhance their goals, whatever they may be.

We want the student/athletes to play with PASSION! We emphasize hard work and maximum effort. To understand the life lessons of sacrifice, to play with great character and to respect the game and everyone involved with the great game of basketball. We demand our Student/Athletes understand how to conduct themselves both on and off the court! We emphasize ACADEMICS and provide STUDY HALLS and do random GRADE CHECKS. WE WANT OUR PLAYERS TO MAXIMIZE THEIR POTENTIAL AND BE THE BEST THEY CAN BE, THAT IS WHAT WE PREACH TO THE KIDS EVERYDAY! TO BE THE BEST VERSION OF THEMSELVES!

We emphasize fundamentals and teach the game accordingly. We play man to man defense. We do not try to win at all costs and prefer to win through development, playing as a team, using fundamentals and sharing the ball, We emphasize playing the game the right way, as a UNIT of 5 on the floor! Developing fundamentals and skills takes time and it also takes commitment! We must trust the process and stay committed to development in order to achieve the goals the kids set for themselves.

At DTX, we also provide valuable resources for the student/athlete to achieve their maximum potential. Resources exclusive to DTX. Biometric body testing!! College Prep Resources and programs where we assist each student athlete in the college application process and which colleges to apply. We have S.A.T and A.C.T. prep classes. Dr. Dish shooting machine. We have video technology in the facility to record all games and practices. We send video analysis of each team to players and also provide video to the college coaches we are in contact with. We want the experience of playing for DTX to be more than just basketball, we want it to be about life lessons as well.

We recognize that many of our players have aspirations to attend Universities and Colleges in order to play basketball at that level. We have coaches with great connections to the game at all levels, be it DIVISIONI, II, or III. NAIA, JUNIOR COLLEGE, PREP SCHOOL, ETC! . We work hard as a staff to encourage these goals and to assist them in reaching their dreams. We have many players currently playing at the next level and coach Taylor over his many years as a coach and National Camp Director, has helped guide some of the best players in the WORLD to play at the next level. He works with the families of the player, as well as the player themself, to find the best fit for each player, whatever level that may be. Coach Taylor’s resume speaks for itself, his knowledge of the game and connections both nationally and internationally, separate him from the rest of the country! Coach Taylor and his staff are unique. From Prep School placement administrators, to academic instructors, to skill development coaches, workout trainers and on court staff, DTX has an organization that is unique to any other program in the State! It is time for you to take advantage of all that DTX has to offer!