Drill Details/Instructions:

1. Player begins with the ball in the paint facing the basket.

2. Player will throw the ball of the backboard, catch, and turn & pivot towards the other end of the floor.

3. The player will fake a power range dribble and immediately whip the ball behind the back to the opposite hand.

4. Once the ball is in the opposite hand, continue with 2-3 dribbles and come to a complete stop using the opposite foot as hand you're dribbling with.

5. Perform the same thing with the opposite hand (fake power range dribble then slip behind the back),

6. Perform this drill with both hands.

Drill Philosophy (Why):

• The Power Range Slip is a great drill to increase explosiveness of the dribble and first step. This drill really helps with minimizing the amount of steps taken on the court. This drill improves footwork and body control.

Point(s) of Emphasis:

• The players fake the power range dribble then immediately slip the ball behind the back to the opposite hand.

• The players must always stop with the opposite foot to which they are dribbling. For example, if the player is using a right handed dribble, to stop they must use their left foot. Never should the player come to a jump stop.

Common Corrections:

• Players take an extra dribble before slipping the ball behind the back.

• Player often times jump stop because they are not coordinated enough to stop on with the leg.