These are some great routines and games to help guards work on all aspects of shooting and prepare for the pressure of real-game situations from Coach Vicky McKenzie of Texas Tech Basketball.

Two Person Partner Shooting

Start with two people with one ball. One person shoots and follows shot. Shooter rebounds shot and passes to partner who is spotting up for a shot. Second person shoots the ball and goes to rebound and passes to partner who is spotting up for the shot. This is a continuous shooting drill. It works best if there are only two or three pairs at each basket.

Spot Shooting

One shooter with two balls and two rebounders. (Designate spots ahead of time e.g. 3pt line point, wing, baseline, elbow, etc.) Shooter stays in one spot and shoots for 30 seconds at each spot getting in as many shots as possible during the 30 seconds. Rotate spots so that everyone shoots from each designated spot.

Catch the ball on the wing, square up for 3 pt shot or put the ball on the floor with 2-3 dribbles either to corner of free throw line or to the baseline. Divide group in half with line of shooters under the basket and passers at the top of the key (point position). Shooting line can alternate sides with person breaking out from the low post block towards the 3 point line free throw line extended (wing position on offensive sets). Alternate lines.


Have players compete against each other or have teams (players) shoot from designated spot (3 pt line wing, elbow, etc); first shot (also known as the long shot) counts two points if made; get rebound off of made or missed shot and shoot a short shot which counts one point if made.

First player or team to 21 is the winner. Each player will shoot a total of two shots each timeone long shot and one short shot then pass the ball to next player or go back to the spot if playing game individually.

Hot Shot

Pick designated spots on the floor such as 3- point shots, elbow shots, low block shot, and lay-ups. Indicate a point value for each shot. (E.g. 3 pt shots worth five points, elbow shots worth three points, low block shots worth two points, and layups worth one point). The longer the shots, the more points they should be worth.

Each player shoots from any of the designated spots for a certain amount of time (30 seconds or one minute). Points are given (pre-determined values) for each made shot. High score wins. Some people can add the bonus points rule.such as a player gets five bonus points if a shot is attempted from every spot within the time limit regardless of make or miss. This is to add incentive to shoot from every spot instead of just one or two spots.