Hello Dave Taylor,

I am Iniko (niko)  mom. We came to your phenom camp in San Diego this past summer. The phenom camp, largely due to your amazing approach and leadership was the best we have attended and we've been to a lot of camps! My son stated on one of his homework papers for you that you are his new favorite coach! And you are also one of my favorite coaches. I would like to stay involved with you and continue your coaching presence in my son's life. If you remember Iniko, he was runner up for MVP and was the MVP of the all star game. I don't say this to brag or over estimate his talent-he's only in 8th grade, but so you might remember him. Please let me know what camps you are involved with. I am hoping you will still be doing the phenom camp in San Diego!

Thank you,

Jeannette, Niko's mom