Coach Taylor,


I wanted to reach out to you to extend my gratitude for hosting such an amazing camp this past weekend.  We are all still talking about it. 


Carter has attended numerous camps throughout the years, at prestigious institutes, but your camp provided something "beyond the ball" that I believe will change the way Carter approaches how he practices, plays, and competes moving forward.  


I wasn't convinced that traveling across the country to your Phenom camp would be worth all the expenses, but that was quickly put to rest from the moment the camp started and seeing your different approach from the "broken system."  Describing and demonstrating the discipline and dedication it takes to be an elite athlete mean so much coming from a former Division I coach.  I can assure you, from the talks Carter had with us, on our long flight home, you sparked a fire in him that I know will make Carter work that much harder now to achieve his goals. 


As former college athletes ourselves, my husband and I both know the dedication, work ethic, and determination it takes to make it to such a level.  We have tried to explain it to Carter on numerous occasions, but I truly don't think he grasped it until now.  I am thankful it isn't too late, as Carter assures us he will dedicate the time, effort, and discipline that it will take to make it to that level.  Time will tell.


The passion you clearly have for the game is evident, but what impressed me most was the emphasis you put on education and always taking 100% responsibility.  The life lessons you instilled in these young men in the 3 short days they spent with you, are lessons that every single one of them will take with them for the rest of their life, regardless if they play Division I basketball or not.  Thank you for changing the game, it is refreshing.  We look forward to seeing you at camp next year.


Please let me know how the boy is doing that was injured in the all star game.  He has been on our mind and in our prayers.



North Carolina