Coach Taylor,

 First of all, my wife and I would like to thank you for all that you deposited into our son Jordan Hamlett #14 Blue 8th grade at the Phenom Camp this weekend. You confirmed some things that we have been doing this summer. We began a book study this summer on the " Principles of Success" by John Wooden. Jordan's goal during the camp was to make your team. He was so happy when you told him he made your team. Jordan shared with me that he can only define success by doing his best and not by rankings. It's notbased on what others think success should be. Coach Wooden speaks of this. 


Coach Taylor, Jordan focused during this camp on doing different things that you emphasized. He drew two charges, played good defense, and concentrated on getting others involved. He was named to the Sportsmanship team which was great for him. It wasn't about the award but what it stands for and reinforced what we want him to be on and off the court. He continued to discuss what you shared throughout this camp. Our goal this summer is to help him become a well rounded young man that is a basketball player.


Also, this morning Jordan told his mom and I, "thank you for bringing me here and taking the time to fulfill my dream. He gave us a big hug." Jordan wants to be the type of player that you value. Coach Taylor, you reinforced what we have been sharing with him. I share with him to play the game the right way and respect the game because you have to earn it every day.


Lastly, Jordan's look on his face when you said you will see him again. He said he is going to work even harder. Thank you for everything, Our goal next year is to be able to attend one of your camps/clinics next year. Also, I plan to purchase your book "AAU Wasteland". I believe this will provide me with information and clarity regarding the AAU circuit.


Sorry for the long email, I know your very busy. Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions during the camp and the impact that  you made on Jordan's life



Dr. John