Hey Coach Sam, everyone who helped out, and I just wanted to thank you again for coming out! The effort you put into each and every moment of the camp mixed with the long road of experiences is not just inspiring, it's life changing.

No sucking up and trying not to be sappy or cheesy but just telling you my honest opinion.

I over my short years experience on this planet have been developing a short list of things I'd leave my children or anyone with in order to make it in this life. Things like an apple, to remind them of the apple a day principle that doing the daily disciplines provide long term benefits or watching the cheesy Pistol Pete movie that packs in so much on the power of being a dreamer. The number 1 book of all time the bible that teaches how to not just morally weave through life but how to find true peace deeper understanding through a relationship with the creater and last thing on my list I'll mention is a mirror I would give them so that they can not only self evaluate constantly but also learn to believe in the person staring back at them and once success comes that they would be able to look at the person they had become in the process. Nothing worse than having the success but hating the person you had to become to get it.

To my short list I add a camp with Coach Dave Taylor. For what reason - to recognize the amazing people that come in your life that have the truth, the wisdom, the knowledge, and the ability to impactfully communicate all of it sincerely from the heart so that if you are wise enough to listen, it can set you on a course that no man can stop. 

So again thank you for your hard work, flexibility, and care at our humble camp here in So Cal. We hope God has much more opportunities for us to have you here.

Could you please let me know the campers and how soon I should send out the invitations. Also I'm already getting emails from anxious parents when they will hear from Coach Dave. I'm sending closing of camp email to parents and I remember you mentioned up to a few weeks, is that ok to say? 

Blessings on your travels today and weeks to come!