Coach Taylor,

I just wanted to let you know how correct you are regarding these other camps and "trainers" are!  I have personal experience in this as I am a College Coach and I see it everyday.  Camps being run by incompetent kids.  These poorly coached kids themselves that played at a bad University themselves and now they are trying to run a camp?  What a joke!  The sad thing is these parents fall for it, hook, line and sinker!  It's so sad!  These "trainers" never coached as a head high school coach or college coach.  They are all "volunteer assistants" or some freshman coach!  It is an indication of why our game is so bad.  Thank you for respecting the game, coaching development vs winning, for being a true professional.  My sone attended your camp in San Diego and it has changed his life which in turn has changed our lives!  You have made a difference so thousands of kids lives!  I found out about your camp from an NBA player I coach that attended your camp when he was in the 8th grade and he says it is, to this day, the best camp he ever attended and that it made him the player he is today!  So, I just want you to know the influence you have.  Please continue to do God's work and I will always preach the gospel of Coach Taylor.  Keep doing what you are doing and lets try and weed out these punks that just try and steal money from these innocent parents.  These organizations and "coaches" need to be eliminated!  They are bad for the game!  They ruin the game.  We need actual experienced coaches, not these fake coaches.  Thank you again because I never take the time to write emails, but in this instance I feel I had to!